Charity Management System

Charity Management System is a software that helps you manage customer and donor relationships by keeping track of their interaction with your charity. CRM software in its simplest form is a database of up-to-date contact information. By making use of this data in smart ways, the system becomes so much more. A complete multi-site, multi-channel, multi-user fundraising and management system for charities.

electronic bills
Simplified tax invoice
QR Code


Campaign management

Donor Management

Donation Tracking

Receipt management


settlement management


Paying accounts

appointment system

cash management

Paying accounts


value added tax

Users Privileges

control Board


Comprehensive management

All organizations, no matter how they operate, require a complete management solution that eliminates paperwork and boosts productivity. Manages all operations involving a group or agency and a charitable foundation.

Simple and easy to use

It is very simple and easy to use to make sure that users do not struggle to adapt to its functions and features. We understand that processes should be quick and easy.

One click, one task

Everything is just a click away from accepting donations to generating receipts, all operations are just a click away.