Loan Collection Management System

The loan management system is designed to enhance operational productivity and provide an optimal customer service experience for MFIs. Our robust and scalable solution is designed with the goal of providing a seamless, high-impact technology infrastructure for your business to spread across different geographies. The loan management system simplifies the challenges your business will face as it grows. The system efficiently simplifies the process by offering easily configurable modules for all types of loans. The system helps improve productivity allowing you to manage your customers in multiple locations through a single platform. It also simplifies the decision-making and loan management processes.

electronic bills
Simplified tax invoice
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Payment schedules

document management


loan management

Staff management

cash management

table management

GPS location

value added tax

Users Privileges

control Board


Reduce calculation errors

Mistakes that can be costly to a business are carefully managed through the software. As far as your team may qualify, human error can occur in many variables.

Save your team time

Loan management software simplifies many aspects of daily work allowing your team to focus their efforts and energy on what really matters and eventually be able to weed out less time-consuming and valuable tasks.

revenue improvement

Our solution will help accurately track outstanding loans, identify risks, and quickly manage unusual situations, while allowing your team to operate more efficiently, and increase revenue naturally.