School Management System

School management software increases productivity by reducing the time frame for keeping track records and improving data accuracy. Our software also helps save a huge amount of institutional resources through digital storage without harming the school’s precious data. Writing data manually makes it vulnerable to many errors, hence the need to adopt automated methods. The system ensures that all information is stored electronically while keeping the school management system smooth and hassle free.

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Information about students

Admission management

Curriculum Management

Attendance management

Payments management

Achieving seamless integration


Administrative regulation

Classroom management

Student Management

cafeteria management


time management

Transport and Communications Department

security management


Student track data

The program deals with the real data of the student’s path, starting from the initial admission to the day the student graduated from the educational institution. Throughout this trip, the student attends a lot of classes and lectures and takes various tests, and all of this data, in addition to attendance data, teacher notes and other digital information related to the teacher’s students, is collected and maintained by the school management software.

Fee collection

The collection of fees and certificate production in the school and the digitization of these processes can be demonstrated using the school management system software.

Reports preparation

The most prominent benefit of the school management software is the automatic preparation of various reports which can be used to make quick and accurate judgments and decisions.