Online Grocery System

Grocery Management System aims to automatically assist in the process of product purchase, invoicing, to make the purchased transaction fast and accurate, to maintain and secure sales records. It helps the employee and the owner to easily manage or manipulate business transactions. It will avoid wasting time just typing all the important information and data of the business and customer transaction. Our system processes and stores all business data or information. The system will store all the information such as customer, employee, product, sales and payments. Grocery Manager allows the user to record the item or sales that have been booked or ordered by the customer.

electronic bills
Simplified tax invoice
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Order Management


Notification and alert

real time integration

Staff management


Order Tracking

Payment Integration

value added tax

Users Privileges

Users Privileges

Reports preparation

Metrics and performance monitoring

Custom reporting gives you access to metrics to monitor performance and drive growth.


Respond to customer inquiries, view reviews, ratings given by customers, track customer history, set up payment integration for their convenience, etc. Everything from one dashboard.

Road improvement for drivers

Manage multiple grocery stores and easily navigate to multiple destinations to ensure on-time delivery.