File Storage System

File storage software makes it easy to store unstructured data and information at the file level. These tools organize information in specific logical formats through folders and access paths. File storage systems support in-place updates and file system metadata storage. Storage tools help organize data. Simplify unstructured data with a trusted data source, a single set of data to automatically manage in a flexible file system, a single security policy and a single view of the entire file system.


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Document lock

Users who have given others access to their documents can temporarily lock documents to ensure that they are the only ones able to edit those files. Doing so prevents creating conflicting versions of documents or overwriting changes made by other users. Once the editing is complete, the files can be unlocked again.

Version date

When a new version of a file is uploaded, the previous version is not deleted, but rather saved so that it can be restored at any time. The version history also contains the time the version was created and the user who created it.

Data synchronization

Provides rapid backup and replication of large data warehouses consisting of either millions of small individual files or very large data sets.