Restaurant Management System

Code Arabia offers all the necessary and important features to perfectly manage your restaurant. Through our years of experience, we have unrivaledly integrated the needs of restaurateurs, managers and their teams. Therefore, and because we know that you are focused on providing the best possible service to your customers, we guarantee that our system will help you serve them to the fullest. The system is designed to keep your restaurant operating at optimum level by keeping track of employees, inventory, and sales. Most importantly, the Restaurant Management System is a comprehensive tool that allows you to keep track of your restaurant and its needs at a single glance, which can lighten your workload on a daily basis. Many restaurant management systems are designed for easy integration with other software applications, allowing you to set up a custom system that works perfectly for your business.

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Accurate business reports

Generating detailed reports at regular time intervals is very essential for business performance analysis. It allows management to keep track of sales, credit, inventory, best-selling items, etc. to determine profits made or losses incurred and help them make improvement decisions.

Reduce waiting time

Restaurant management system allows for faster order processing, better table management and timely food delivery. This in turn enables restaurants to increase the efficiency of operations, reduce wait times and increase customer satisfaction, thus serving more guests.

Improving relationships with customers

This system can improve customer experience and increase their satisfaction and happiness. It allows restaurants to easily change their menu and reduce waiting times, and makes things easier for customers by providing multiple payment options in cash, credit cards, checks or accounts. All of these are translated into faster and better service, which leads to increased customer satisfaction.