Trade Management System

Charity Management System is a software that helps you manage customer and donor relationships by keeping track of their interaction with your charity. CRM software in its simplest form is a database of up-to-date contact information. By making use of this data in smart ways, the system becomes so much more. A complete multi-site, multi-channel, multi-user fundraising and management system for charities.


employee monitoring

records management


budget statement

Fiscal year

cash management

Inventory Management

the support

Business succession management




value added tax

Users Privileges

control Board


Accelerate sales cycles

Trade programs aim to improve product distribution for both retailers and customers. Our solution helps in calculating price data, promotional and promotional information, placing orders and returns, and real-time communication with the office.

Reduce operating costs

Trade software reduces the time required for data entry, so retailers can spend more time analyzing business Our solutions display live field information and allow the creation of different types of reports in real time with information on user, customer, visit, task, order, timing and location information to identify areas for business improvement quickly.

Centralized customer management

Retail software You will be able to improve the bottom line of your marketing team by reducing their time to travel to appointments, plan routes, access information and provide customer data.